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connecting with camila cabello fans on a new and personal level

microsite experience
Role Interactive Design
Client Verizon / MWW
Project Unlocking Romance / Camila Cabello
Agency Thinkingbox

Thinkingbox partnered with Momentum WorldWide and Verizon to help create a splash page for the Camila Cabello “Unlocking Romance with #VerizonUp” campaign. This was done to create hype around the new album launch. The splash page housed exclusive Camila video content, event and pop-up info, and more. The splash page also included a manual unlocking mechanism for the reveal of four videos and a livestream. 


Collaborating with the design director, I was brought on to help further refine the initial microsite design. I also designed the mobile page, provided animations, micro-interactions, and all assets, as well as lead the visual quality assurance of the microsite.


The livestream was a success with more than 1.39 million users viewing the 45-minute Q&A with Camilla Cabello.


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