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Anjuli Macasinag is currently working as a Digital Designer at Thinkingbox Vancouver, dabbling mostly in visual design, UI/UX, design systems and campaigns.

She has a background in advertising, marketing, visual communications and a dash of Industrial Design. She holds a Bachelor of Design from the Alberta University of the Arts. She has worked across industries helping elevate brands while connecting with consumers but would like to focus in the technology verticals.

Anjuli is a big picture thinker who wants to know the why before the what and the how. She understands the properties of code (frontend, and no she can't code) and is a firm believer in the power of using a holistic design process in solving complex problems in a systematized, non-linear and human-centred approach through multi-disciplinary collaboration and iterative exploration (woof that's a handful it's also known as design thinking).

She strives to make human-centric, purposeful, functional yet fun work; fueled by making technology more natural; and always empowered to go beyond.

Always excited for challenging opportunities particularly in Product Design.

Throughout the years she learned to regularly push herself out of her comfort zone. To share inspiration, she created a typographic art installation that embodied the wisdom she learned – by making something out of the ordinary.

This was an exploratory passion project from 2017 that took a total of 4 days to concept and plan, 2 days to produce, 1 day to film and 4 hours to edit.

Clients include but not limited to: