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getting travellers excited about taking a trip with rocky mountaineer

Brand campaign
Role Art Director, Designer
Client Rocky Mountaineer
Project It Stays With You Campaign
Agency DDB Canada

Those that have taken a journey onboard Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies know that it’s filled with special moments that are bound to become lifelong memories. Rocky Mountaineer’s new campaign aims to get well-travelled and curious boomers, from the U.S., Australia and Canada, excited about taking a trip onboard the luxury tourist train.

the ask

Get mature global travellers excited about the idea of taking a trip with Rocky Mountaineer for the 2019 season and beyond, and show them the amazing value that the RM experience offers, positioning the brand as the clear choice in a competitive set of global iconic experiences.

the solution

The new campaign is based on the key insight that it’s not every kind of moment that gets remembered; it has to be something truly special to make that kind of impact. Journeys with Rocky Mountaineer are full of powerful sensory triggers: Sights, sounds, tastes and smells that will stay imprinted in your memories, ready to be summoned at a moment’s notice. These are moments that will stay with you for years to come.


I was the art director, designer collaborating with the copywriter for this project. We worked together to create, to strategize and to present the high-level concepts and tactical examples suited for the brief. I provided all art direction and design for the TV Spot, print and digital ads, landing page, newsletter, and visual social content. Working with our production and editing partners, I provided oversight for the TV Spot.


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