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Empowering UBER atg staff through solidifying personal mission statements

installation | ios app
Role UI/UX | Visual Design
Client Uber Advanced Technologies Group
Project My Mission Photo Booth
Agency Thinkingbox

Behind every great innovation is a team of passionately curious minds dedicated to a common goal and a shared dream for the future. Uber's Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) is working on developing safe, reliable self-driving cars.

The Ask

Thinkingbox was asked to partner with R/GA to help create an experience for UBER ATG researchers, engineers and product specialists to express and solidify their mission statements. The solution was an intuitive iPad app experience that allowed users to create a personal digital profile with their mission statements. Ultimately, empowering employees by expressing their motivations and what drives their work at Uber ATG.


My role was to design the interface as per Uber branding guidelines with additional UX support as we iterated. The iPad application was a form with a series of screens that allowed the users to input their name, job title, personal hobbies and what motivated them to work for Uber ATG. Towards the end, they had their picture taken and the information was then shared to the user's emails and the company database.


In collaboration with the UX Lead, producer, and developer, I worked on the interface components of the app. Throughout the design process, I performed internal testing of the user flow and iterated the experience by adding different states and modals to achieve a fully-functioning, usable, and fun application experience.

A technical design roadblock in this application was creating a dynamic framework where the resulting typography composition was aesthetically pleasing, but also following template guidelines however long or short the user's input was. Solution for this was setting the maximum character count per input field and auto-resizing fonts if the values were longer than the design provided. I tested the layout design and determined the values we needed to set, and gave them to the developer. 

Activation projects always have a tight turn-around time and targeted user testing is out-of-scope. But we still performed usability tests and QA internally.